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Kenneth Omeruo’s Inspiring Visit to MPFA: A New Chapter Begins

In a momentous turn of events, Kenneth Omeruo, the vice-captain of the Super Eagles, graced the premises of Mees Palace Football Academy (MPFA) for an exhilarating two-day visit. During his stay, Omeruo generously showered our young talents with merchandise and heartfelt gifts, all while immersing himself in a comprehensive tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

Having closely followed our team’s progress over the past couple of years, Omeruo’s deep connection with MPFA led him to extend an invitation to our management and two players, hosting them in Madrid last year. However, it was only now that he felt compelled to witness firsthand the remarkable setup we have diligently nurtured over the course of six glorious years.

One aspect that left Omeruo truly awestruck was the academy’s commitment to developing players as young as nine years old. Reflecting on his own upbringing, he acknowledged, “Firstly, the fact that the players start as young as 9 years is something truly special. Growing up, I don’t recall any academy in Nigeria that prioritized such early player development.” Omeruo’s admiration for MPFA’s setup was evident in his words.

Beyond the academy’s premises, the esteemed CD Leganes captain ventured forth to visit our esteemed partners at Our Lady of Apostle Hospital (O.L.A) and St. John’s High School. The remarkable work being done by these institutions left a lasting impression on him, further cementing his support for MPFA’s endeavours.

Omeruo was moved by Mr. Emmanuel Adukwu’s (Founder and CEO of MPFA) aspirations for the academy’s future. “Imagine starting an Academy with 10-year-olds, essentially dedicating the next 6-7 years to nurturing talent without seeking immediate financial gains,” Omeruo marvelled, highlighting the profound long-term goals of MPFA.

Following his memorable visit, the CEO officially confirmed that Omeruo would be joining the esteemed board of MPFA, marking a significant milestone for both the academy and the accomplished footballer. With his profound knowledge and unwavering passion for the sport, Omeruo’s involvement is poised to elevate MPFA to even greater heights. A new chapter begins as his remarkable journey intertwines with the promising future of Mees Palace Football Academy.

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