Mees Palace Football Academy is focused on developing children from onset through professional and vigorous training with the sole aim of impacting basic football skills and techniques.

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Under14s Team

Meet the amazing team of professionals doing all the background work.

Caleb Theophilus

Head Coach

Soccer is a powerful tool that can be applied to attract and put the attention of young people to productive use, this should be incorporated in all organizations and schools.

As coaches the players come first, our desire is to ensure the right atmosphere is maintained to ensure the players bring out their best each time.

I believe that focusing on each players’ development is much more important than the drive to win especially at their young ages, it is however IMPORTANT to win at some point.

Before they become professionals, Current and creative ways to effectively teach and impact all manner of football knowledge and skill to both players and coaches should be implored, while paying particular attention to footwork as this is the core of a players expression


Coaching Crew

Caleb Theophilus
Head Coach U14
Makwa Ponchi
Coach U14