Mees Palace Football Academy is focused on developing children from onset through professional and vigorous training with the sole aim of impacting basic football skills and techniques.

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About Us

Determination, Dedication and Discipline...

We are making history…

“…We set up this academy to take children off the street…,

all of them have been enrolled in schools so you have kids who ordinarily wouldn’t have been in school, all in school and learning how to play football the right way,

…learning how to behave like professionals, for the first time in the history of this country, we would produce a generation of players who truly are the ages they claim to be, who truly would play football to last… who would probably be the first group of kids to win the senior world cup for Nigeria”

Managing Director

Mees Palace Football Academy


The Vision

At Mees Palace Football Academy, our vision is to be the finest soccer academy in Nigeria, developing young talents, along with the lines of knowledge, skill, and the right attitude, using the most modern equipment and techniques.

We are constantly on a mission to use the game of football and modern education to build the next generation of upright and dedicated Nigerians, who will make Nigeria a better place.

The Team...

Our Team is made of dedicated and professional personnel who serve in various capacities, they include Seasoned volunteers and assistants from various works of life who also give their time and skills to ensure the academy’s vision is realized.

Mees Palace football Academy has a robust secretariat where every administrative responsibility is being manned and this, however, is our engine room.


The core team that works directly with the children are a professional Head Coach, various age group coaches, soccer trainers, aerobics/physical fitness and dance instructors, cutting edge media personnel, Karate instructors, curators, etc.

Our great team will be incomplete without the mention of our professional high profile and relevant board members, these eminent set of people work behind the scenes to ensure that decisions taken are well thought through and they also serve as an advisory body to the organization.

Bridging the gaps...

Mees Palace Football Academy is raising players who would overtime win trophies for Nigeria, Africa, and the World Cup eventually!

Mees Palace Football Academy is set to specifically bridge the slit; that exists already by consciously scouting for and developing children at the tender right age skillfully teaching and training them in basic soccer skills thereby exposing them to the right way of playing football from the cradle note that they will not be playing from intuition but from consciously acquired skills.


Our Approach...

Mees Palace Football Academy scouts for children under Ten years of age equipping them holistically for a period of seven (7) years.

We are confident that when they get to 17 years old they would have been thoroughly prepared and playing excellent and professional soccer.

We also believe that their general attitude and approach to life will be a positive one considering the holistic training they have and are receiving.

Our Commitment...

We are committed to consistently teach and train the proper footballing skills adhering to the FIFA standards at all times.

Our goal is to ensure that the products of the academy will have international and necessary exposure needed to thrive in the football world, we, however, look forward to having exchange programs with our partner Academies abroad in the nearest future.

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